Lunarpages Web Hosting Review

Lunarpages Web Hosting

Not many people consider who their Web Hosting Provider is as part of Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) their Website. But this could not be farther from the truth when Google, MSN / Live, Yahoo or any other search engine visits to Index / Spider your website things like speed, load times, and uptime can all make a difference. It can also be cumbersome for your web developers if your web server has a slow FTP server so you may be paying them more while they wait for updates to upload.

A very direct example of how load time can be an SEO factor is how Google calculates your page load time as one of the values as to how much you pay for an Adwords click, so the faster you can get Google your data the cheaper your clicks will cost (this is only one factor). Or if someone clicks on a PPC ad from any search engine and your website is currently offline you still have to pay for the click which may be from pennies to one hundred dollars a click depending on your industry.

In todays review I will be looking at Lunarpages, my personal web hosting provider of choice. In fact I use Lunarpages to host Dr. MadCow Web Portal which drives thousands of visitors a month between Google, Yahoo, and MSN. SEO aside there are several key things that I look for in a hosting provider the first is Apache 2.0 or 2.2 as its considerably more efficient for high loads. The second is a fairly recent MySQL server, and PHP5.

Lunarpages offers your choice of Apache 1.3.x Web Server, Apache 2.0.x Web Server, and Windows Web Server hosting environments. For those programmers out there Lunarpages offers PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0. PHP4 is nearing its EOL (End Of Life) and will soon be out of support and a potential security hole, so make sure your hosting provider supports at least PHP5. A final benefit of Lunarpages is they have a lot of bandwidth, redundant connections, and reasonable speed FTP access so your web developers won't sit around waiting for your web hosting.

On Linux Web Hosting platforms Lunarpages offers the cPanel 11 Control Panel, which is one of better control panels out there. Cpanel makes it easy to manage your Email Accounts, Additional Domains, Web Server Settings, PHPMyAdmin, and hundreds of other options. Lunarpages also includes a free domain name for the duration of your web hosting service with Lunarpages, as well as an unlimited number of domains that are sub directories in your Lunarpages web hosting directory.

Lunarpages uses Spamassassin to filter spam messages before they reach your mailboxes, which is my preferred anti spam program for Linux based web hosting. They both support Zend and Ioncode encoded PHP, and have the option for classic ASP to run under Linux to help migrating away from a windows hosting environment.

Review Conclusion

If your looking for a high quality web hosting provider to trust your website to host look no further then Lunarpages Web Hosting. Lunarpages has great service with short hold times, a rapid acting multi tiered support department, friendly staff, and great prices. Lunarpages is easily my favorite hosting company for the quality and value of their web hosting.

Lunarpages Web Hosting

Regardless which hosting provider you select make sure to read a review!

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