Competitive SEO & Link Analysis Intelligence Reports

Have you ever wondered how your competitors do their Link Building, SEO, Keyword Research, Create Content, or just want to be more competitive with your website online? Well we can help you out with our Competitor Analysis Tools based on a PHP code base that started in 2006 for figuring out which expiring domains to purchase. Since then we have developed tools for discovering which pages on a competitors website has Google has indexed (up to 1,000 pages per website and detection of Supplementary Index pages), and Competitor Backlink Analysis Tools powered by SEOMoz's Linkscape API and a custom PHP crawler.

What does this mean for your SEO and Link Building efforts? Well consider this as a blueprint to drastically increasing your rankings as:

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis Reports - These will let you know where your competitors are building their links, what anchor text your competitors are using on their incoming links, and which links are rel=nofollow (these links pass little to no strength / link juice). With only a little effort you can quickly find our which competitors are ranking naturally from strength, and which competitors have been doing SEO (you can do this by looking at your competitors incoming link anchor text to see if it is relevant for keywords you are trying to rank for).
  • Competitor Google Website Reports -These reports let you know what pages your competitors have in their index. So? Well Google absolutely loves content, and more content means possible places to rank additional keywords. Basically by figuring out your competitor content strategy this will you give you the competitive intelligence you need to duplicate, and improve on your own website. Anything else? Well if your into blogging on your own website and your competitors have blogs with SEO friendly URLs you will know the titles of their blog posts, giving you a blueprint for potential future blog posts.
  • Competitive Intelligence Consulting - SEO and Link Competitor Analysis Reports are one thing, but understanding your competitors can be quite another. We will give you a brief summary of what your competitors are doing, and how it is working them for. This will give you insights into content creation, and which types of your competitors incoming links you should try to duplicate.

Competitive Intelligence Report Pricing

  • Package 1: 2 Competitor Intelligence Report + 15 Minutes Intelligence Consulting - $125
  • Package 2: 5 Competitor Intelligence Reports + 45 Minutes Intelligence Consulting - $300
  • Package 3: 10 Competitor Intelligence Reports + 1.5 Hours Intelligence Consulting - $500

* Bonus Link Intelligence Report for Your Website.

* We reserve the right to give you additional reports if your competitors have low link counts.

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