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Daryl Quenet, Victoria BC Professional Photographer

Quenet Consulting is a local Victoria BC affordable Photography Company. We offer Professional / Corporate / Event Photography in the Victoria BC, and surrounding Southern Vancouver Island area. Daryl Quenet is our main photographer who has been shooting photographs with Digital SLR cameras for over 6 years. Daryl shoots with genuine professional Canon photographic equipment this includes a Canon 7D (18MP @ 8fps),Canon T1i (15.1MP), several fast Image Stabilized lenses (to reduce camera photo blur) and 48GB of compact flash memory!

Regardless of if we are shooting wedding photography, corporate, or other event photography we always shoot our photos in RAW+JPEG mode. Unlike traditional JPEGs images RAW format images save all information that the Digital camera sensor sees, instead of just a flat image like JPEGs. This allows for powerful post photography alteration, correction, and compensation while maintaining the same quality source.

Our affordable photographers will come dressed for the occasion, with smiles on their faces and equipment fully charged. A typical wedding is generally somewhere between 450 – 700 photos. Our photography packages start at just $225, and a typical wedding photography pricing is $450 which includes your reception, and editing of 20 photographs.

We specialize in Wedding, Event, Landscape, Corporate, and Website Photography. All packages include a DVD with full resolution JPEG images in a 2:3 ratio format. We can also resize photos to any specific resolution, or aspect ratio. We come with transportation so shooting multiple locations for a wedding, or other events is available.

To see additional sample photos check out our Photo Gallery, some wedding Facebook photogalleries below, or Scenic BC.

We are located in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada on Vancouver Island. We are a purely ethical company.

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