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When effective Link Building strategies meet with effective keyword research the results are noticeable increases in traffic within 3 months. Although having good content is the most important aspect of an effective highly ranking website, without authority the search engines will hardly notice you. The quickest way to build up authority for your website is to get effective links on other websites to your website.

To summarize this theory the more effective links coming into a website, the more important Google (and the other major search engines) thinks that sites content must be. In fact just by building effective links into your website the search engines will find you. One thing to keep in mind with organic link building strategies (white hat, instead of black hat) is that Patience is a keyword. When you build a link you won't see the full strength of that link for around 6 months, from the time that the Search Engine spider picked it up. You should also space out your link building, to avoid link bombing your website, or settings a high link acquisition rate for your website (these can be costly to maintain as your required to continue link build high numbers of links).

Because of this I recommend for clients to wait around a full year before judging the full value of your campaign. What makes our services from other link building companies is the amount of keyword research we do on your campaign before building your first link. We use several free, and subscription based keyword research tools to find you what we call our conversion oriented phrases. These can also be called more qualified search phrases as there looking for something more specific to the services you offer.

An example of this is my services are oriented around link building, and directory submissions. A search for the term Link Building landing on my website, as oppose to Link Building Services is the second is looking to hire someone; whereas the first may be looking for information. In nearly every industry these phrases exist, and there the keys to online success and ROI. Quite often these phrases are also easier to compete on as there is less competition then the root keyphrases.

After generating our Keyword List we will come up with several Titles, and Descriptions and have your website manually submitted to your desired number of online directories.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to hire us for our Link Building Services, or Keyword Analysis Services. We are located on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All of our practices are purely ethical. Our link building packages start at $500.

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