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To survive in today's competitive web marketplace, dominated by large companies with massive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC) budgets you need to make sure your website is built properly from the group up while having an appealing design. So many factors go into organic web design, and organic search engine positioning that most web design companies in both Canada, and around the world use out dated design and development practices that can have very negative effects on your websites search engine rankings.

Outdated or deprecated Web Design & Web Development practices can sabotage a websites true potential to organically rank right from the start. Our approach is to create a web design that matches, or exceeds the client's requirements; while also designing our client's websites for the search engines and target audience. We then take the Design which is created in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, and slice the template (Design) into a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website.

After the Design and Slicing phases we then take the sliced images, and develop a Pure Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Template from your design. Pure CSS templates allow you to maintain your website with less effort, and make design changes much simpler to implement. The theory of CSS in a nutshell is by removing the design from the content, and placing it in a separate file you can make design changes to your entire website, or individual elements of your design with very little effort because you need to only edit one file to make global changes to your appearance. The outdated technique that most designers / developers use is called table based design, it has the disadvantage of having to duplicate every element of design, in every single file making your website much slower to load, and increasing the amount of code to present your design.

But the biggest advantage with a CSS based template is how Search Engine Optimized your HTML code becomes. By removing the design from every file, you also raise the content closer to the top of every page. Generally the higher you can get your content to the top of the web page the better it will rank. This also reduces the web page's ratio of content to markup, which is known to be in the major search engine algorithms. And finally your overall site can shrink in size drastically, making your site smaller for the engines to index easier (some E-Commerce websites can shrink by megabytes of html code).

These are just a few of the factors involved with Organic Web Design, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! We have worked with dozens of clients, and have worked in the web industry for 4 years. Our Web Design Packages start at $900.

To learn about the development techniques we use to build your website I strongly recommend you read our PHP Development Practices.

We are located on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All of our practices are purely ethical.

To hear what our clients think visit our Client Testimonials Page.

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