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Urban Safari Cattery

Urban Safari Cattery was originally what we call a home brew website, where the owners had put together a descent looking website with all their information on it. What we did was took there existing color scheme and put together an affordable template, and header with a new logo. The website is built with Pure CSS Design, XHTML, and PHP for implementing the server side includes.

Not only does it look cleaner and more professional then the original it contains 100% valid XHTML and has more semantically correct code for the search engines.

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  • Able Promotional Products
  • Magnets Dot Com
  • Laser Centers for Health
  • Koolfog
  • American Security Shredding
  • Urban Safari Cattery
  • Credit Cards Made Simple
  • Victoria Camera Service
  • Chesapeake Air Purifiers
  • Aquabot Cleaners 4 Less
  • Target Storage

We are located on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All of our practices are purely ethical.

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