PHP & MySQL Web Development Overview

We are Professional PHP & MySQL Development Experts, we have experience with developing full blown Content Management Systems (CMS), right down to simple Development of PHP Scripts. What sets us apart from the competition is our goal to create a stunning dynamic websites, while developing them for the search engines. When expert PHP & MySQL Development are combined with Search Engine Optimization, and Link Building Services the sky can be the limit to the success of your web presence.

Our Design & Development practices are based on Software Engineering principles to help develop solutions that are extreme maintainable, while still being scalable without extra development. We achieve this using Object Oriented PHP 5 Development Practices, and a naturally multithreaded environment to make your applications snappy. During Development our Developers use the following technologies and methodologies:

  • Apache 2.2 based environment with Apache Mod Rewrites & Server Side Includes
  • Linux based hosting to help lower costs, and Windows PHP Development is also available.
  • Dreamweaver CS5
  • Triple Monitors Display to Maximize Workspace
  • PHP 5.3 Compatible for server side processing
  • MySQL 5.x Database Normalization
  • JavaScript & jQuery for client side processing
  • Concurrent Versioning Software
  • Pure Cascading Style Sheet Design (CSS)
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing with IE6/IE7/IE8/Firefox/Safari/Chrome

What kind of web applications and tools have we built in PHP?

  • Conversion Tools for converting sample datasets into SQL to store in a database.
    Example: A company required a method to export data out of an MS SQL database, and into an XML file that meta a government schema to submit employee taxes electronically.
  • Custom E-Commerce - We have built a custom E-Commerce platform for Trophies & Promotional Product websites. This platform populates the entire database from 3 CSV files one for Vendors, one for Categories, and one for Products. When you are maintaining a product database of 7,500+ products a web interface doesn't cut it.
  • Custom Content Management - We have built custom Photo Galleries, News Management Systems, Page Content and Navigation Management Systems, Article Managers, geo
  • Custom Web Applications - We have previously built tracking systems that were tailored to the reporting needs of our clients to be stored in a normalized MySQL database.

Our approach is to take your project, and break it up into smaller tasks to quickly ascertain your requirements. We will then build a quote, and a project plan after the work is agreed on. We are proficient with designing new projects, as well as adding functionality to existing Content Management Systems and web applications.*

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our PHP & MySQL Web Development Services. We are located on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All of our practices are purely ethical.

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* There are some CMS PHP upgrade projects I will decline because of the quality of the code, but I will let you know after a code review as well as provide you with honest options.

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