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We provide high quality web consulting services with consultants that are experts in SEO, Web Design, PHP Web Development, Ecommerce Design & Development, and more website services.

Do you feel that your website just isn't performing how you think it should? Does your website have a defined web strategy to constantly increase your web sales and online presence? Or that your current web design company, SEO service firm, or internet marketing agency is just fumbling their attempts to improve your online presence? If you are uncertain or having some doubts after thinking about those questions than our web consulting services can help you company increase your traffic, professionalism, or website strategy in general.

There are several approaches to improving your website strategy, some are ethical, some work, and some may even get your website banned permanently on the major search engines. We like to take an organic approach to our web strategies so that it appears completely natural to your users, and the search engines. What makes a good website strategy? Well our web consultants recommend having:

  • Professional Website - When it comes to search engine optimization it is harder to optimize a website that doesn't have a professional design. Non-professional websites can scare away potential clients as soon as your website loads.
  • Relevant Conversion Oriented Content – If your content isn't relevant to the keywords your keywords you are targeting than your less likely to have new business find you.
  • Incoming Links From Other Websites - A large part of the major search engine algorithms is the number, quality, and relevance of links from other websites. If you don't know anything about SEO than think of your website as a person the more people that respect you (links from other websites) the more likely people will trust what you say (how the search engines rank you against your competitors).
  • Website Structure and Features - Part of having a professional online presence is to have similar features, in fact part of the major search engine ranking algorithm relates to how many pages are on your website. For example if everyone in the top 10 results for your desired keyword has over 100 pages, and you only have 7 chance aren't your website won't rank.

Web Consulting Services

  • Web Design Company Canada - Learn about our approach to Organic Web Design, and how we differ from the competition. Building a website correctly from the beginning is the key to online success.
  • PHP Web Development Canada - Information on Search Engine friendly PHP Web Development Services. If your website is built wrong then Google may choke and die, on your structure.
  • Ecommerce Web Design - A successful Ecommerce site incorporates search engine friendly dynamic design, with a user friendly interface. Add some web promotion services, and retirement just may be sooner then you expect.

SEO Consulting Services

  • SEO Web Promotion Services - Effective Web Strategy must incorporate an effective SEO promotion. The cheapest clients to acquire are the ones that find you.
  • Keyword Research Services - If you want new clients to find you than you need to start by figuring out what sort of keyphrases they are searching for. In fact keyword research when incorporated with the web design phase leads to lower SEO costs later.
  • Link Building Services - If you build it they will come, is a myth. Your website needs strength and relevance to rank on the search engines, and this is where link building comes into your strategy. If your website no has no links, or has less links than your competitors have for your specific phrases you aren't going to rank.

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